Only Pretend Series by Nicole Snow

4.07 · 20 ratings
  • Fiancé on Paper (Only Pretend #1)

    Fiancé on Paper (Only Pretend #1)

    Nicole Snow

    · 14 ratings · published 2017

    ON PAPER, IT'S PRETEND. BUT MY HEART KNOWS WHAT'S REALHis proposal came in a little black envelope with thirteen unlucky words:You still owe me that favor, doll, and I'm cashing in.Marry me.In a normal life, I'd never get hitched to Calvin Randolph. Not with his heart-stopping blue eyes, infamous player reputation, and an ego bigger than the part of his anatomy he loves boasting about the most.Been there, done that... more

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  • One Night Bride (Only Pretend #2)

    One Night Bride (Only Pretend #2)

    Nicole Snow

    · 6 ratings · published 2017

    JUST ENGAGED. WHO SAID ANYTHING ABOUT LOVE? The plan was simple: find the perfect girl, wife her for a few months, and save my parents from a stinging case of heartbreak. That was before I got my first taste of Skye's whip-sharp tongue. Before she woke up wearing my ring and a hundred questions. Before I found out it takes more than a million dollars to put the sun back in her smile. She needs a friend. A protector... more

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