Rebel Series by Alexa Riley

3.31 · 29 ratings
  • His Rebel (Rebel #1)

    His Rebel (Rebel #1)

    Alexa Riley

    · 16 ratings · published 2017

    Sylvia is part of the rebel group looking to overthrow the elites. When she’s hired to cause a scene on camera so the rest of the world can watch, she never expects her fist to connect with a man so sexy. Brad Chalmers is a command leader for the elites. He thinks his life is supposed to go in one direction until one day a hot little rebel knocks him on his ass. Then his world is turned upside down. Warning: We don’t get caught up in the details of a dystopian future.. more

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  • Her Rebel (Rebel #2)

    Her Rebel (Rebel #2)

    Alexa Riley

    · 13 ratings · published 2018

    Minnie is a nurse trained to heal the people who hold her down and she’s tired of doing nothing. She’s looking for a way to fight back peacefully, but a hulking slice of man has her distracted. He’s familiar and exactly like the man she’s dreamed of, but she needs to focus. Owen is the leader of the rebels and doesn’t have time for anything else. Except finding the girl he lost long ago. She’s the one person who ever had his heart and without her his world will crumble... more

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