Her Guardians Series by G. Bailey

4.20 · 65 ratings
  • Winter's Guardian (Her Guardians #1)

    Winter's Guardian (Her Guardians #1)

    G. Bailey

    · 22 ratings · published 2018

    When Winter started university with her best friend Alex, she didn’t expect to find herself in the middle of a supernatural war. Who knew saving a stray wolf could earn you the alliance of the pack. To make things more complicated, the broody and very attractive Jaxson is tasked with keeping her safe from the growing vampire threat in town. It’s a shame he can’t stand her and enjoys irritating the hell out of her... more

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  • Winter's Kiss (Her Guardians #2)

    Winter's Kiss (Her Guardians #2)

    G. Bailey

    · 17 ratings · published 2017

    Winter’s life has been turned upside down since finding out that all the fairy tales exist and she doesn’t know who to turn to. When love and old prophecy’s control your life, who can you trust? When everything is against her, can the men who love her keep her alive? The rules are changing and Winter needs to fight to protect what is hers and avoid the destruction of everyone she has come to love... more

  • Winter's Promise (Her Guardians #3)

    Winter's Promise (Her Guardians #3)

    G. Bailey

    · 15 ratings · published 2017

    War is coming. The prophecy is coming true. When the world is close to falling and all those she loves are in danger, what can Winter do to save everyone? Winter finally has the answers to who she is but everything else in her life is in question. How much of her past can control her future? Can Winter make the decisions she needs to save the future? Follow Winter in the third instalment in Her Guardian series... more

  • Winter's War (Her Guardians #4)

    Winter's War (Her Guardians #4)

    G. Bailey

    · 11 ratings · published 2017

    The blue-sided human will choose a side. When four princes are born, on the same day, they will rule true. Her saviour will die when the choice is made. If she chooses wrong, she will fall. If she chooses right, then she will rule. Only her mates can stop her from the destruction of all. If the fates allow, no one need fall. For only the true kings hold her fate and they will be her mates. The prophecy is true, the war is here and her saviour will die... more

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