Frogmorton Farm Series by Jodi Taylor

4.31 · 57 ratings
  • The Nothing Girl (Frogmorton Farm #1)

    The Nothing Girl (Frogmorton Farm #1)

    Jodi Taylor

    · 18 ratings · published 2019

    Jodi Taylor brings all her comic writing skills to this heart-warming tale of self-discovery. Getting a life isn't always easy. And hanging on to it is even harder... Known as “The Nothing Girl” because of her severe stutter and chronically low self-confidence, Jenny Dove is only just prevented from ending it all by the sudden appearance of Thomas, a mystical golden horse only she can see... more

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  • Little Donkey (Frogmorton Farm #1.5)

    Little Donkey (Frogmorton Farm #1.5)

    Jodi Taylor

    · 14 ratings · published 2019

    It’s Christmas and Jenny Checkland is beset with problems. The Vicar, who really should know better, has asked to borrow Marilyn the donkey for the Nativity Play thereby unleashing chaos on the already chaos-laden Frogmorton Farm... more

  • The Something Girl (Frogmorton Farm #2)

    The Something Girl (Frogmorton Farm #2)

    Jodi Taylor

    · 15 ratings · published 2017

    From the bestselling author of The Chronicles of St Mary's. The Nothing Girl has grown up… It’s life as usual at Frogmorton Farm – which is to say that events have passed the merely eccentric and are now galloping headlong towards the completely bizarre. Once again Jenny struggles to stay afloat in the stormy seas of matrimony with her husband, Russell Checkland, together with an unlikely mix of Patagonian Attack Chickens, Jack the Sad Donkey, and Mrs Crisp’s mysterious boyfriend... more

  • Joy to the World (Frogmorton Farm #2.5)

    Joy to the World (Frogmorton Farm #2.5)

    Jodi Taylor

    · 10 ratings · published 2020

    A Frogmorton Farm short story from the bestselling author of the Chronicles of St Mary's.It's Christmas time again and all is not well at Frogmorton Farm.Jenny and Russell's daughter, Joy, is growing up. Not quickly enough as far as she's concerned but far too quickly according to Russell.Father and daughter are at odds and suddenly the outlook is very dark indeed. That is until Thomas comes to the rescue.Everyone should have their own giant invisible golden horse . . .

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