The Kings Of Retribution MC Series by Sandy Alvarez, Crystal Daniels

4.39 · 20 ratings
  • The Darkest Of Light (The Kings Of Retribution MC #2)

    The Darkest Of Light (The Kings Of Retribution MC #2)

    Sandy Alvarez, Crystal Daniels

    · 11 ratings · published 2018

    As a young boy, Gabriel Martinez had his family-his entire life ripped away from him. Revenge and indignation becomes his means of survival. Several years later, a series of events lead him to his new family, The Kings of Retribution MC, where he meets Alba Jameson. Heartbreak being the final push, Alba chooses the life her sister worked so hard to give her by going off to college. While trying to bury her feelings for Gabriel, she finds herself faced with the unexpected... more

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  • FINDING SOLACE (The Kings Of Retribution MC #3)

    FINDING SOLACE (The Kings Of Retribution MC #3)

    Crystal Daniels,

    · 9 ratings · published 2018

    A moment is all it takes to change your life forever. Reid Carter—Road Captain for The Kings of Retribution MC. He was born into the life. A world where you live and play by your own rules. Tragedy strikes, taking the life of his younger brother Noah leaving him to pick up the broken pieces. Four years later he still wanders through his existence bitter and jaded by the hand he was dealt. Until Mila and her daughter walk into his life making him feel whole again... more

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