Darkest Drae Series by Raye Wagner, Kelly St. Clare

4.27 · 60 ratings
  • Blood Oath (Darkest Drae #1)

    Blood Oath (Darkest Drae #1)

    Raye Wagner, Kelly St. Clare

    · 22 ratings · published 2017

    Dark Fantasy. Dragons. Intrigue. Romance. More than anything, I crave adventure. But in the disease ridden land of Verald, life is mapped out much like the well-established rings of our kingdom. At the very heart reigns our vicious king and Lord Irrik, an invincible dragon shifter, at his side. Their power poisons the land and the people, leading to a steadily mounting number of enemies. But change is coming. When the rebellion surges, the king strikes back... more

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  • Shadow Wings (Darkest Drae #2)

    Shadow Wings (Darkest Drae #2)

    Raye Wagner, Kelly St. Clare

    · 21 ratings · published 2018

    I will never be controlled again. A manipulative dragon shifter. A sexy phaetyn prince. Me? I shouldn’t even exist. With peace established in Verald, I should be free; Lord Tyrrik is liberated from his blood oath, after all. But the freedom in Verald is an illusion. If I remain, destruction will surely follow. As soon as I come into my powers, the blood-thirsty emperor of Draecon will know. Even now, he is hunting me... more

  • Black Crown (Darkest Drae #3)

    Black Crown (Darkest Drae #3)

    Raye Wagner, Kelly St. Clare

    · 17 ratings · published 2018

    I will not be ruled by fear. A depraved emperor. A wasted realm. A dying race. With Tyrrik by my side, I’ll lead the charge to remedy it all. After discovering the rightful heir to the Phaetyn, an alliance with the healers should be easy as pancakes. But while the armies of Verald and Gemond march to the border for war, the emperor delivers a crushing blow that threatens to put everything at risk. As I fight my father’s staggering power, I’m compelled to face evil on his terms... more

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