Hoops Series by Kennedy Ryan

4.42 · 38 ratings
  • Long Shot (Hoops #1)

    Long Shot (Hoops #1)

    Kennedy Ryan

    · 22 ratings · published 2018

    A Standalone FORBIDDEN LOVE SET IN THE EXPLOSIVE WORLD OF THE NBA... Think you know what it's like being a baller's girl? You don't. My fairy tale is upside down. A happily never after. I kissed the prince and he turned into a fraud. I was a fool, and his love - fool's gold. Now there's a new player in the game, August West. One of the NBA's brightest stars. Fine. Forbidden. He wants me. I want him. But my past, my fraudulent prince, just won't let me go.

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  • Hook Shot (Hoops #3)

    Hook Shot (Hoops #3)

    Kennedy Ryan

    · 16 ratings · published 2019

    A deeply emotional standalone romance set in the worlds of professional basketball and high fashion. Divorced. Single dad. Traded to a losing squad. Cheated on, betrayed, exposed. My perfect life blew up in my face and I'm still picking up the pieces. The last thing I need is her. A wildflower. A storm. A woman I can't resist. Lotus DuPree is a kick to my gut and a wrench in my plans from the moment our eyes meet... more

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