Otherworld Academy Series by Jenna Wolfhart

4.03 · 36 ratings
  • A Dance With Darkness (Otherworld Academy #1)

    A Dance With Darkness (Otherworld Academy #1)

    Jenna Wolfhart

    · 11 ratings · published 2018

    I’ve always felt like an outsider. Until my eighteenth birthday, I didn’t know how true that was. First, I started seeing strange things. Then, the tips of my ears began to shift. Now, even touching something made of iron makes me sick.  Am I losing my mind? When four mysterious fae males corner me in the street, they bring terrifying news: I’m not human. I’m a changeling, a fae swapped at birth... more

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  • A Song of Shadows (Otherworld Academy #2)

    A Song of Shadows (Otherworld Academy #2)

    Jenna Wolfhart

    · 15 ratings · published 2020

    After winning the fight against the scheming Autumn Court, life at Otherworld Academy is finally calming down. Until a brutal attack leaves dozens dead, and I can somehow tap into the powers of all four seasons.Neither of which is normal. So, when the Summer Court summons me for help, I go.As I’m drawn into a web of courtly politics, cunning schemes, and dark secrets, it’s suddenly unclear who I can trust. My four fae instructors stand by my side, but someone is sharing our plans with the enemy... more

  • A Touch of Starlight (Otherworld Academy #3)

    A Touch of Starlight (Otherworld Academy #3)

    Jenna Wolfhart

    · 10 ratings · published 2020

    After discovering my true heritage, I’m finally back to training at the academy so that I can become the powerful fae I was always meant to be. My four seductive instructors are by my side, and the realm is finally healing after years of conflict between the courts.Until one of the fae at the academy is murdered…and then another. It looks like the killer is a dangerous wolf-like beast, one lashing out at random victims by instinct. But I’m not convinced... more

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