Shadows & Flame Series by C.N. Crawford

4.13 · 43 ratings
  • Infernal Magic (Shadows & Flame #1)

    Infernal Magic (Shadows & Flame #1)

    C.N. Crawford

    · 18 ratings · published 2016

    She's forgotten her past. Too bad her past won't return the favor. Ursula can't remember a single thing from before three years ago, so she has to keep her life simple. All she wants is to earn enough money for rent--and maybe a bit left over for a new pair of boots. But on her eighteenth birthday, all hell breaks loose... quite literally... when a hellhound shifter shows up in her kitchen. Kester's lethally gorgeous, and he's come with a terrifying message: Ursula owes her soul to a demon... more

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  • Nocturnal Magic (Shadows & Flame #2)

    Nocturnal Magic (Shadows & Flame #2)

    C.N. Crawford

    · 17 ratings · published 2016

    “Remember the darkness. Only the darkness will save you.” As part of a deal with the god of night, Ursula is sent to the Shadow Realm. There, she must live in the forbidding palace of an ancient night demon. Granted--he seems to hate her. But he's easy on the eyes, powerful as hell, and he's supposed to keep her safe. But all that changes when the god of night chooses Ursula to fight for him in series of trials. Now, she must vanquish a horde of lethal demons, one at a time... more

  • Eternal Magic: A Demons of Fire and Night Novel (Shadows & Flame #4)

    Eternal Magic: A Demons of Fire and Night Novel (Shadows & Flame #4)

    C.N. Crawford

    · 8 ratings · published 2018

    Ursula hadn’t expected to return to the Shadow Realm a prisoner, but at least the dungeon reunites her with her old mentor, Kester. That’s only a small consolation when she learns the horrific plans of a shadowy demigod. Plans that involve her. In order to fight back, she must find her fiancé, Bael. Together, they've got to steal Excalibur from the world's most powerful dragon-shifter. On her journey, her shocking past is revealed, and Ursula finally learns the truth about herself... more

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