Darkstar Mercenaries Series by Anna Carven

4.36 · 63 ratings
  • Taming Chaos (Darkstar Mercenaries #1)

    Taming Chaos (Darkstar Mercenaries #1)

    Anna Carven

    · 12 ratings · published 2018

    Torin Mardak came to Zarhab Groht to hunt. Some idiot's been selling Callidum weapons on the black market, and he's been tasked with finding the traitor. The illegal trading station isn't exactly Torin's favorite place in the Nine Galaxies. It's dirty, chaotic, and full of thieves and murderers, but as an elite Kordolian First Division warrior, he's the most dangerous thing on this floating cesspit, and he won't let anything stand in his way... more

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  • Shattered Silence (Darkstar Mercenaries #2)

    Shattered Silence (Darkstar Mercenaries #2)

    Anna Carven

    · 16 ratings · published 2018

    Enki Zakanin just wants peace and quiet. He's completed his mission, and on the journey back to the Kordolian Fleet Station, he'd prefer to be left alone so he can manage the literal demon inside his head. Alone. So when a strange distress call breaks the silence, his first instinct is to ignore the signal. Why would anyone be foolish enough to broadcast an open signal in the Ninth? My name is Layla dela Cruz. I need your help... more

  • Fractured Souls (Darkstar Mercenaries #3)

    Fractured Souls (Darkstar Mercenaries #3)

    Anna Carven

    · 11 ratings · published 2019

    Alexis Carter is a long way from home, and she doesn't quite understand how she got here. All she knows is that she died once, and now she's alive. She's woken into a nightmare, trapped on a dark ship full of terrifying aliens. With their silver skin and fire-colored eyes, they look a lot like the monsters that once attacked her on Earth. One Kordolian in particular stands out... he's huge, he doesn't talk much, and his job is to guard her... more

  • Decadence (Darkstar Mercenaries #4)

    Decadence (Darkstar Mercenaries #4)

    Anna Carven

    · 8 ratings · published 2021

    The retrieval mission was supposed to be simple. Get in, get the human females, kill the slavers, and get out. As a former High Commander of the Kordolian Imperial Military, Ikriss Peturic has seen--and done--much worse.But one female in particular has been treated a lot more badly than all the others.As he took her away from her tormentors, carrying her in his arms, she hovered between life and death.Now she is safe. He should be able to forget about her... more

  • Hyperspeed Dreams (Darkstar Mercenaries #5)

    Hyperspeed Dreams (Darkstar Mercenaries #5)

    Anna Carven

    · 10 ratings · published 2021

    Lodan Vorkan has been called many things in his lifetime—perfectionist, control-freak, monster.As one of the Kordolian Military’s infamous First Division, he’s one of the most feared warriors in the Nine Galaxies.As a pilot, his skill is unmatched.He doesn’t like the unpredictable, and humans are exactly that.One by one, he’s seen his brothers fall to these confounding creatures. Even the most battle-hardened and ruthless of them have succumbed to the Mating Fever.Humans are trouble... more

  • Radiant Darkness (Darkstar Mercenaries #7)

    Radiant Darkness (Darkstar Mercenaries #7)

    Anna Carven

    · 6 ratings · published 2022

    Arkan Kythelian is the last man standing.He's well aware of that fact. The rest of his First Division brothers have succumbed to the Mating Fever, falling for those gentle, alluring creatures—humans.He should probably be more bothered by it, but he's a little preoccupied right now. See, he's just detected the presence of a group of terrified humans onboard a Kordolian slave-trader ship.He has to go after them. It's a matter of principle... more

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