The Fated Wings Series by C.R. Jane

4.16 · 19 ratings
  • Forgotten Specters (The Fated Wings #2)

    Forgotten Specters (The Fated Wings #2)

    C.R. Jane

    · 11 ratings · published 2018

    Eva has forgotten something. Hints of another life, and who she really is, are whispered to her in dreams, visions, and in her interactions with people who seem to know more about her then they let on. Eva's struggle to find out who or what she is, all while navigating the real world for the first time, is complicated by the confusing relationships she has begun to develop with the three men she has fallen for... more

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  • The Fallen One: A Fated Wings Novella (The Fated Wings #3)

    The Fallen One: A Fated Wings Novella (The Fated Wings #3)

    C.R. Jane

    · 8 ratings · published 2018

    Damon Pierce. Football star, devoted lover… arrogant, impulsive fallen angel. Once a chosen being straight from the heavens, his fall from grace left a mark on his heart that he didn’t think could ever be erased. Discover his story, along with never before published scenes with his obsession, Eva. The Fallen One is a romantic adventure you won’t want to miss. ***A Fated Wings Novella: The Fallen One should be read before proceeding to Book 4 of the series***

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