Dawson Family Series by Emily Goodwin

4.07 · 36 ratings
  • Cheat Codes (Dawson Family #1)

    Cheat Codes (Dawson Family #1)

    Emily Goodwin

    · 16 ratings · published 2018

    Archer has always wanted what he can’t have—Quinn Dawson. Since the moment he saw her, he’s been denying his feelings for her, ignoring the void in his heart he knows only she can fill. Everything about them was wrong, the kind of wrong that felt so right. But none of it mattered. Not the terrible timing. And definitely not the mess it would create if Archer made a move on his best friend’s baby sister... more

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  • End Game (Dawson Family #2)

    End Game (Dawson Family #2)

    Emily Goodwin

    · 12 ratings · published 2018

    Getting pregnant was the last thing Quinn thought would happen. But now Quinn’s focus is to start the family Archer’s always wanted. The hard part should be over, right? Wrong. Ghosts from the past begin to surface. No matter how hard they try, the universe seems to have other plans that threaten to tear Archer and Quinn apart. Archer will not let the one thing he always wanted slip through his fingers. As events unfold, Archer finds himself going to lengths he never thought possible... more

  • Rock Bottom: (A Dawson Family Novel) (Dawson Family #6)

    Rock Bottom: (A Dawson Family Novel) (Dawson Family #6)

    Emily Goodwin

    · 8 ratings · published 2020

    Rory's life is a mess. After getting dumped by her boyfriend, let go from her job, and losing her apartment, she takes a chance on a new job in a new town. Things can't get any worse, right?Wrong.When the foundation of Dean Dawson's life crumbles to pieces at his feet, he swears off relationships of any kind and goes back to a life of bachelorhood, loving and leaving different women every night... more

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