Big Rock Series by Lauren Blakely

4.02 · 177 ratings
  • A Little Big Rock (Big Rock #0.5)

    A Little Big Rock (Big Rock #0.5)

    Lauren Blakely

    · 12 ratings · published 2018

    My best friend is freaking awesome. But don't just take my word for it. Consider all his attributes. First, let's start with the obvious one. Size. He has this one fantastic bone in his body. It's bigger than other guys'. It's thicker, longer, more powerful. C'mon. I'm talking about his funny bone. Spencer Holiday makes me laugh like no one ever has. Sarcastic, self-deprecating, and always at attention with a joke--that's him... more

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  • Big Rock (Big Rock #1)

    Big Rock (Big Rock #1)

    Lauren Blakely

    · 35 ratings · published 2016

    It's not just the motion of the ocean, ladies. It's definitely the SIZE of the boat too. And I've got both firing on all cylinders. In fact, I have ALL the right assets. Looks, brains, my own money, and a big c&$k. You might think I'm an as%*$le. I sound like one, don’t I? I'm hot as sin, rich as heaven, smart as hell and hung like a horse. Guess what? You haven't heard my story before. Sure, I might be a playboy, like the NY gossip rags call me... more

  • Mister O (Big Rock #2)

    Mister O (Big Rock #2)

    Lauren Blakely

    · 28 ratings · published 2016

    From the NYT Bestselling author of BIG ROCK, comes a hot and hilarious new standalone... Just call me Mister O. Because YOUR pleasure is my super power. Making a woman feel ‘oh-god-that’s-good’ is the name of the game, and if a man can’t get the job done, he should get the hell out of the bedroom. I’m talking toe-curling, mind-blowing, sheet-grabbing ecstasy. Like I provide every time. I suppose that makes me a superhero of pleasure, and my mission is to always deliver... more

  • Well Hung (Big Rock #3)

    Well Hung (Big Rock #3)

    Lauren Blakely

    · 27 ratings · published 2016

    From the NYT Bestselling author of MISTER O, comes a hot and hilarious new standalone... Here’s what you need to know about me — I’m well-off, well-hung and quick with a joke. Women like a guy who makes them laugh—and I don’t mean at the size of his d*ck. No, they want their funny with a side of huge… not to mention loyal. I’ve got all that plus a big bank account, thanks to my booming construction business. Yup. I know how to use all my tools. Enter Natalie... more

  • Full Package (Big Rock #4)

    Full Package (Big Rock #4)

    Lauren Blakely

    · 24 ratings · published 2017

    From the New York Times Bestselling author of MISTER O and BIG ROCK, comes a hot & hilarious new standalone romantic comedy… I’ve been told I have quite a gift. Hey, I don’t just mean in my pants. I’ve got a big brain too, and a huge heart of gold. And I like to use all my gifts to the fullest, the package included. Life is smooth sailing.... Until I find myself stuck between a rock and a sexy roommate, which makes for one very hard…place... more

  • Joy Ride (Big Rock #5)

    Joy Ride (Big Rock #5)

    Lauren Blakely

    · 18 ratings · published 2017

    From the #1 New York Times Bestselling author of FULL PACKAGE and BIG ROCK, comes a hot & hilarious new standalone romantic comedy... Let's be honest, ladies. A good man is a lot like the perfect car. You want a hot body, an engine that purrs, and superior performance under the hood...for the best joy ride of your life. I'm at your service. Ready to go all night long. But then a wildly sexy brunette appears in my life and throws a wrench in all my plans... more

  • Hard Wood (Big Rock #6)

    Hard Wood (Big Rock #6)

    Lauren Blakely

    · 15 ratings · published 2017

    From #1 NYT Bestselling author Lauren Blakely comes a hot & hilarious new standalone romantic comedy... Women often say a good man is hard to find. And a hard man is even better. That's why I'm quite a catch-- good, hard, loaded, and wait for it...I'm ready to settle down too. But the woman I want to pitch my tent with lives clear across the country. Neither of us wants to get lost in those woods. All I have to do is resist her for the week she's in town. I try. I swear I try... more

  • Stud Finder (Big Rock #6.5)

    Stud Finder (Big Rock #6.5)

    Lauren Blakely

    · 10 ratings · published 2016

    Man seeking woman: Hot, rich, smart, witty, self-made multimillionaire Internet genius seeks classy, intelligent, sexy, fun-loving woman who’s interested in settling down and sharing all the good things. There. Best. Ad. Ever. I will absolutely find the woman of my dreams, someone who’ll love me for me. Ideally, she’ll like cooking together, hiking with my dog and me, and all-night long sessions between the sheets too. With me, not the dog... more

  • Come Again (Big Rock #7)

    Come Again (Big Rock #7)

    Lauren Blakely

    · 8 ratings · published 2021

    RSVP to meet the latest cocky, sexy, and rich-as-sin Big Rock hero who will charm your pants off in this enemies-to-lovers romance!There are three words most men can’t resist—I dare you.So as you can see, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I had no choice when my buddies said “I bet you can’t get that brunette beauty to kiss you before the night ends... more

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