The Bound Spirit Series by H.A. Wills

4.49 · 36 ratings
  • Bound Spirit: Book One of The Bound Spirit Series (The Bound Spirit #1)

    Bound Spirit: Book One of The Bound Spirit Series (The Bound Spirit #1)

    H.A. Wills

    · 17 ratings · published 2018

    Seventeen year old, Callie thought climbing out of her hell of an abusive home life was going to be her biggest struggle, but it’s only the beginning. Starting over in a small nowhere town in Oregon with an aunt she didn’t know existed until a few weeks ago, she makes five new guy friends that are each something otherworldly. Something supernatural-- and they say she is too. As if high school wasn’t hard enough... more

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  • Free Spirit (The Bound Spirit #2)

    Free Spirit (The Bound Spirit #2)

    H.A. Wills

    · 11 ratings · published 2019

    The world is a very weird place, and for seventeen-year-old, Callie, it’s gotten a whole lot weirder. The paranormal is real, and not only are her five new guy friends some type of supernatural creature, she is too-- actually, she’s the most powerful one of all. As a spirit witch, she’s part of an ancient sect of witches that were believed to have been wiped out millennia ago and have the power to control life itself. Unfortunately, her magic is bound by a spell... more

  • Save Spirit (The Bound Spirit #3)

    Save Spirit (The Bound Spirit #3)

    H.A. Wills

    · 8 ratings · published 2019

    Supernaturals are real, and seventeen-year-old Callie is the strongest of them all. As a Spirit Witch, she is a member of an ancient sect of witches that were wiped out millennia ago. She not only has control over the four elements, but also life and death itself, and she’s been tasked with maintaining balance within the mortal realm. No pressure. At least her magic is finally unbound, so life should get easier and have a lot less exploding trees. Except, nothing is ever easy for Callie... more

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