Team 52 Series by Anna Hackett

4.43 · 70 ratings
  • Mission: Her Protection (Team 52 #1)

    Mission: Her Protection (Team 52 #1)

    Anna Hackett

    · 8 ratings · published 2018

    When Rowan’s Arctic research team pulls a strange object out of the ice in Northern Canada, things start to go wrong…very, very wrong. Rescued by a covert, black ops team, she finds herself in the powerful arms of a man with scary gold eyes. A man who vows to do everything and anything to protect her… Dr. Rowan Schafer has learned it’s best to do things herself and not depend on anyone else. Her cold, academic parents taught her that lesson... more

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  • Mission: Her Rescue (Team 52 #2)

    Mission: Her Rescue (Team 52 #2)

    Anna Hackett

    · 10 ratings · published 2018

    When archeologist January’s plane is shot down over the Guatemalan jungle, she knows she’s being hunted for the invaluable Mayan artifacts she’s carrying. Only one man and his team can save her…the covert, black ops Team 52, and the distrusting former CIA operative who drives her crazy…Dr. January James has a motto: live life to the fullest. A terrible incident in her past, where she lost both her mother and her innocence, taught her that... more

  • Mission: Her Security (Team 52 #3)

    Mission: Her Security (Team 52 #3)

    Anna Hackett

    · 14 ratings · published 2018

    When sweet, smiling Kinsey is kidnapped by unknown forces, former SEAL and Team 52 operator Smith Creed will risk anything to get her back.Kinsey Beck is used to life knocking her down. She escaped her past and came to Las Vegas for a new start. So what if she didn’t achieve her dream of being a showgirl, instead, she now has an awesome job as logistics manager for the covert, black ops Team 52... more

  • Mission: Her Safety (Team 52 #5)

    Mission: Her Safety (Team 52 #5)

    Anna Hackett

    · 10 ratings · published 2019

    A sexy, grumpy black ops scientist will do anything to track down the mysterious woman who broke into his lab. After Dr. Ty Sampson catches a mysterious female intruder in his home and lab, he’s obsessed with finding out who she is and what she wants. He’s a man who trusts very few people and hates anyone in his space... more

  • Mission: Her Freedom (Team 52 #6)

    Mission: Her Freedom (Team 52 #6)

    Anna Hackett

    · 8 ratings · published 2019

    A badass combat medic will do anything to save her friend and teammate, but on the run from some very bad guys, she starts to look at her tattooed tech geek friend in a very different way… Former Naval Intelligence officer Brooks Jameson might have lots of muscles and ink, but he’s a proud geek. He loves computers and his job—taking care of all things tech for his covert, black ops team of badasses—Team 52... more

  • Mission: Her Shield (Team 52 #7)

    Mission: Her Shield (Team 52 #7)

    Anna Hackett

    · 10 ratings · published 2020

    She’s the one woman he’s always wanted and the one woman he’ll never let himself have, but former Delta Force soldier Axel will risk everything to save his covert team’s beautiful archeologist.Axel Diaz knows that fighting the bad guys requires getting down in the muck. He’s done too much and seen too much to ever inflict his nightmares on a woman. Especially a gorgeous, smart archeologist who ignites his blood like no one else. Axel focuses on his work with the covert, black ops Team 52... more

  • Mission: Her Justice (Team 52 #8)

    Mission: Her Justice (Team 52 #8)

    Anna Hackett

    · 10 ratings · published 2020

    When a dangerous redhead invades his office and his base, and warns that his team is in danger, Director Jonah Grayson doesn’t know if she’s friend or foe.Former elite Army aviator Jonah Grayson was forced to give up flying, but now serves as director of the covert black ops team, Team 52. He takes care of the brass in Washington D.C. to ensure his team can do their job: keeping the world safe from dangerous, ancient artifacts... more

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