Kings MC Series by Betty Shreffler

4.19 · 20 ratings
  • Clipped Wings (Kings MC #2)

    Clipped Wings (Kings MC #2)

    Betty Shreffler

    · 10 ratings · published 2018

    They call me the Devil’s assassin. It’s true. I have blood on my hands. As the VP of the Serpents, my life is driven by loyalty, honor, brotherhood. Until I see her. Too young, too innocent. Mine to claim. What I am, what I do, can never reach her. My dark secrets are scars I bear alone. I’m torn between my duties and the woman I’ll die to protect. Until...they try to take what’s mine.

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  • King of Kings: (Kings MC #3)

    King of Kings: (Kings MC #3)

    Betty Shreffler

    · 10 ratings · published 2020

    I told myself I didn’t want her. Didn’t need her. But it was all lies. I craved her touch. Craved the way her sweet red lips took away the pain. Yet I knew I couldn’t have her. Not when my enemies are determined to put a bullet in my back. They believe the way to get to me is through her. Coming for her will be their downfall. As the President of the Kings MC, there’s one thing I’m known for—doing whatever it takes to protect the ones I love. I’ll fight until I have nothing left to give... more

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