Objects of Attraction Series by Penelope Bloom

4.08 · 34 ratings
  • Her Cherry (Objects of Attraction #2)

    Her Cherry (Objects of Attraction #2)

    Penelope Bloom

    · 20 ratings · published 2018

    How’d I meet her? Well, a gentleman never brags. Thankfully, I’m no gentleman. First, I paid for her cherry (pie, but that’s not the point), Next, I deflowered her. After that? I left my business card and walked out like I owned the place. Yeah, you could say we hit it off. Hailey How did I meet William? He walked into my bakery, bought a cherry pie, stole a vase of flowers—I still have no idea what he wanted with them—and left his business card... more

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  • His Treat (Objects of Attraction #3)

    His Treat (Objects of Attraction #3)

    Penelope Bloom

    · 14 ratings · published 2018

    Having a hot boss isn’t complicated or confusing at all, Said no one ever… But all I have to do is resist for a few months. Come January, I’m flying to Paris to chase my dream of being an artist, Too bad I can’t have my treat and eat it, too. I forgot to mention… My hot boss was also my high school crush. Sort of. First, I wanted to crush him with gooey affection. In the end, I just plain wanted to crush him... more

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