Fireblood Dragons Series by Ruby Dixon

3.97 · 365 ratings
  • Fire In His Blood (Fireblood Dragons #1)

    Fire In His Blood (Fireblood Dragons #1)

    Ruby Dixon

    · 69 ratings · published 2017

    Years ago, the skies ripped open and the world was destroyed in fire and ash. Dragons - once creatures of legend - are the enemy. Vicious and unpredictable, they rule the skies of the ruined cities, forcing humanity to huddle behind barricades for safety. Claudia's a survivor. She scrapes by as best as she can in a hard, dangerous world. When she runs afoul of the law, she's left as bait in dragon territory... more

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  • Fire in His Kiss (Fireblood Dragons #2)

    Fire in His Kiss (Fireblood Dragons #2)

    Ruby Dixon

    · 54 ratings · published 2017

    Bloodlust and insanity rule my existence. As a fierce drakoni warrior, this strange new world I find myself in eats at my mind until there is nothing left. There is no light or clarity...until she arrives. I save her life, plucking her from the sky. From that point on, she is mine. But the human I have chosen for my mate - Sasha - is fragile and wounded. She does not trust me and fears my presence. I will not give up, though... more

  • Fire In His Embrace (Fireblood Dragons #3)

    Fire In His Embrace (Fireblood Dragons #3)

    Ruby Dixon

    · 50 ratings · published 2017

    There’s only one way to tame a dragon. Emma Arroyo knows this. She also knows that the big golden dragon captured by her brother’s biker gang is in trouble, and it’s all her fault. He followed her scent, and now his life is in danger. She has to fix this, somehow. If she could talk to the dragon, they could form a plan to escape, both of them. But the dragon’s mind is wild and full of uncontrollable, killing rage. There’s no reasoning with him... more

  • Fire in His Fury (Fireblood Dragons #4)

    Fire in His Fury (Fireblood Dragons #4)

    Ruby Dixon

    · 45 ratings · published 2018

    Just like Rapunzel from the fairy tales, dreamy, romantic Amy lives a hidden life. She's kept locked away in a tower for her own safety, with her sister as protector. Amy knows it's for her own good. If a dragon catches her scent, she'll be carried away and forced to become a drakoni's mate. But Amy has a secret - she desperately wants to be stolen... more

  • Fire In His Spirit (Fireblood Dragons #5)

    Fire In His Spirit (Fireblood Dragons #5)

    Ruby Dixon

    · 33 ratings · published 2018

    Gwen’s never wanted to be a leader, but when no one else stepped up, she took on the role. As the mayor of post-apocalyptic Shreveport, she’s made decisions to protect her people…and most of them have backfired disastrously. When she discovers that the dangerous gold dragon lurking outside of the fort has decided she’s his mate, heartsick Gwen thinks that the best thing she can do is confront him and take him far away from the city... more

  • Fire in His Veins (Fireblood Dragons #6)

    Fire in His Veins (Fireblood Dragons #6)

    Ruby Dixon

    · 30 ratings · published 2019

    I’ve wanted Andrea since the moment I saw her. But she’s human. I’m drakoni. The only way I’ll stay sane and not lose myself to the madness that’s swept over my people is if I keep my mental walls strong. I have to give up everything that makes me a dragon. That means no telepathy, no fire breathing, and no battle form. I certainly can’t take a mate. Andrea can’t be mine. When her brother escapes the fort, though, she needs help tracking him down... more

  • Fire In Her Eyes (Fireblood Dragons #7)

    Fire In Her Eyes (Fireblood Dragons #7)

    Ruby Dixon

    · 28 ratings · published 2019

    For months, I've been chased by a red dragon. They're the females of the dragon shifter invaders, fierce and vicious and as ruthless as they are wild. She hunts me wherever I go, and I'm not safe even behind the walls of a fort. There's only one thing I can do to stop her… …And that's to take her as my mate. But to win the heart of a female dragon, I have to conquer her first. Not so easy for a human man...but Teva's worth the challenge.

  • Fire In His Chaos (Fireblood Dragons #8)

    Fire In His Chaos (Fireblood Dragons #8)

    Ruby Dixon

    · 33 ratings · published 2020

    In dangerous Fort Dallas, Rachel is untouchable. All she has to do is hand over her panties every day. Sure, it’s weird, but it keeps her safe, right? And if there’s a reason behind it, she doesn’t care.Until she finds out that she’s dragon bait. That changes things.To stay in the fort’s sheltering walls, Rachel needs to ‘befriend’ a dragon and establish a mental connection with him... more

  • Fire in Her Dreams (Fireblood Dragons #9)

    Fire in Her Dreams (Fireblood Dragons #9)

    Ruby Dixon

    · 23 ratings · published 2021

    Jenny’s dreams have turned to nightmares.Every night, her thoughts are filled with evil. Something is reaching out…and she’s not so sure she wants to reach back. That is, until someone new appears in her dreams. Someone who protects her, comforts her, and thinks of Jenny as his mate. Imaginary friends aren’t real, but Jenny likes to pretend, anyhow... more

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