Odin's Bastards Series by Sheryl Nantus

4.00 · 1 ratings
  • #2

    Warrior Nights (Odin's Bastards #2)

    Sheryl Nantus

    · 1 ratings · published 2019

    Liam Wolfson, the professional assassin, is dead. His new persona, Jack Hammerson, lives in a small town in Colorado, happy helping out as many of the townsfolk as he can. It’s his way of working toward some kind of redemption for his sins. Until one night when an amnesiac woman falls into his arms, calling out his old name... Kara remembers nothing about her previous life, only brief glimpses of an old lover and their time together... but she knows her fate is entwined with Liam's... more

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  • #3

    Warrior in Love (Odin's Bastards #3)

    Sheryl Nantus

    · 0 ratings · published 2019

    Special Agent Trace Dyson races around the world, retrieving priceless artifacts from criminals. But his one dream is to recover a spear, stolen from The Valkyrie's Tomb. It's his family's White Whale, his father and grandfather's unfulfilled mission—and when he sees a beautiful and mysterious woman steal a bracelet from the tomb’s exhibit, he’s intrigued. Before he takes her to jail, he has a few questions... more

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