How to Be Series by T.J. Klune

4.63 · 8 ratings
  • How to Be a Movie Star (How to Be #2)

    How to Be a Movie Star (How to Be #2)

    T.J. Klune

    · 8 ratings · published 2019

    Sequel to How to Be a Normal PersonA How to Be Novel Josiah Erickson wants to be a movie star. The problem with that is so does half of Los Angeles. But he’s on his way, what with memorable roles as a TV show background cadaver and a guy in a commercial for herpes medication. All he needs is his big break. And that break may come in the form of a novelist who goes by the enigmatic name of Q-Bert. Q-Bert, who is ready to make his directorial debut in a film Josy would be perfect for... more

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