Wicked Doms Series by Jane Henry

3.87 · 27 ratings
  • The Bratva's Baby (Wicked Doms #1)

    The Bratva's Baby (Wicked Doms #1)

    Jane Henry

    · 16 ratings · published 2019

    My orders are simple.Capture her.Marry her.Take her inheritance.Get rid of her.The bookish little recluse is worth more than she knows.She's an unassuming librarian.I'm the brigadier of the Russian Bratva.She has no friends.I command a small army.She's a modest virgin.And now she's mine.

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  • The Bratva's Bride: A Dark Mafia Romance (Wicked Doms #2)

    The Bratva's Bride: A Dark Mafia Romance (Wicked Doms #2)

    Jane Henry

    · 11 ratings · published 2019

    Bratva life is simple: You steal from the brotherhood, you pay with your life. But the thief is a woman, and she’s too beautiful to die. My wedding band will be her collar. Our vows will be her shackles. She will be my captive bride.

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