Game Changers Series by Rachel Reid

4.05 · 63 ratings
  • Game Changer (Game Changers #1)

    Game Changer (Game Changers #1)

    Rachel Reid

    · 9 ratings · published 2018

    New York Admirals captain Scott Hunter takes his pregame rituals very seriously. In this case, it’s not just a lucky smoothie he’s craving—it’s the man who made it. Pro hockey star Scott Hunter knows a good thing when he sees it. So, when a smoothie made by juice bar barista Kip Grady precedes Scott breaking his on-ice slump, he’s desperate to recreate the magic...and to get to know the sexy, funny guy behind the counter... more

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  • Heated Rivalry (Game Changers #2)

    Heated Rivalry (Game Changers #2)

    Rachel Reid

    · 24 ratings · published 2019

    Nothing interferes with Shane Hollander’s game—definitely not the sexy rival he loves to hate. Pro hockey star Shane Hollander isn’t just crazy talented, he’s got a spotless reputation. Hockey is his life. Now that he’s captain of the Montreal Voyageurs, he won’t let anything jeopardize that, especially the sexy Russian whose hard body keeps him awake at night. Boston Bears captain Ilya Rozanov is everything Shane’s not. The self-proclaimed king of the ice, he’s as cocky as he is talented... more

  • Tough Guy (Game Changers #3)

    Tough Guy (Game Changers #3)

    Rachel Reid

    · 17 ratings · published 2020

    They have nothing in common—so why does Ryan feel most like himself whenever he’s with Fabian? Pro hockey star Ryan Price may be an enforcer, but off the ice he struggles with anxiety. Recently traded to the Toronto Guardians, he’s determined to make a fresh start in the city’s dynamic LGBTQ Village. The last thing he expects to stumble upon in his new neighborhood is a blast from his past in the fabulous form of Fabian Salah. Aspiring musician Fabian loathes hockey... more

  • Common Goal: A Gay Sports Romance (Game Changers #4)

    Common Goal: A Gay Sports Romance (Game Changers #4)

    Rachel Reid

    · 13 ratings · published 2020

    New York Admirals goalie Eric never thought his friends-with-benefits arrangement with much-younger Kyle would leave them both wanting more…Veteran goaltender Eric Bennett has faced down some of the toughest shooters on the ice, but nothing prepared him for his latest challenge—life after hockey. It’s time to make some big changes, starting with finally dating men for the first time.Graduate student Kyle Swift moved to New York nursing a broken heart... more

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