New Tarian Pride Series by T.S. Joyce

4.59 · 75 ratings
  • Tarian Alpha (New Tarian Pride #1)

    Tarian Alpha (New Tarian Pride #1)

    T.S. Joyce

    · 20 ratings · published 2019

    The Tarian Pride is right in the middle of a historical power-shift. Ronin Alder is taking over as the New Tarian Alpha, but the entire Pride of lion shifters needs to be completely rehabilitated. Back in the Pride after years hating it, his job is to push the monsters here to a new future, one where they will stop warring with every shifter Crew in existence. But when he mans a rescue mission and finds a hurt woman in the woods, he had no choice but to save her…or kidnap her... more

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  • Tarian Silver Lion (New Tarian Pride #2)

    Tarian Silver Lion (New Tarian Pride #2)

    T.S. Joyce

    · 12 ratings · published 2019

    Talon Lawson is a runner. He’s been on the move to keep his daughter safe for years, and now it’s a habit he isn’t capable of breaking. Too long in one place, and his inner lion pushes him to move on. He’s sworn to himself he will only make sure his daughter, Emerald, is settled in her new home with her mate, and then he’ll leave, but something more is anchoring him to the New Tarian Pride... more

  • Tarian Outcast (New Tarian Pride #3)

    Tarian Outcast (New Tarian Pride #3)

    T.S. Joyce

    · 15 ratings · published 2019

    Katy Craigson is on the run. Not from anything too scary, because she is a safe girl and doesn’t do danger, but she’s running from a past that keeps trying to drag her under. All she needs is a week with her best friend in the mountains of Colorado for a week. But when an unlikely hero comes to her rescue, she’s sent on a path she never saw coming. For some reason she can’t stop thinking about Kannon, the sexy, quick-witted lion shifter... more

  • Tarian Protector (New Tarian Pride #4)

    Tarian Protector (New Tarian Pride #4)

    T.S. Joyce

    · 14 ratings · published 2019

    Sora Burge doesn’t have any fight in her anymore. After breaking the most important shifter law, she knows her fate is in the Tarian Pride’s hands. She’s counting down to the trial, but something is coming for her. Something she never thought possible. When Ford Owens, the man she used to love, shows up, she can’t believe what he’s become. Something killed the human in him, and now he’s a terrifying monster who will take on the entire Tarian Pride to keep her safe... more

  • Tarian Traitor (New Tarian Pride #5)

    Tarian Traitor (New Tarian Pride #5)

    T.S. Joyce

    · 14 ratings · published 2019

    Annamora Fredrickson is turning a new leaf. Four months ago, she saw a picture of herself that made her determined to change her whole life. She’s a shifter on a mission, and nothing can stand in her way…except for perhaps one person. One hot as fire, smooth-talking heir to the Deadlies throne, Orion Burge. It doesn’t matter that he is way out of her league, her little heart has had a crush on him since their time with the Old Tarian Pride... more

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