The Evermore Chronicles Series by Emily R. King

4.08 · 32 ratings
  • Before the Broken Star (The Evermore Chronicles #1)

    Before the Broken Star (The Evermore Chronicles #1)

    Emily R. King

    · 14 ratings · published 2019

    A fierce young female adventurer battles time itself to claim her destiny in a sweeping new fantasy saga from the author of the Hundredth Queen series. Everley Donovan is living on borrowed time. The lone survivor of her family’s unexplained assassination, she was saved by an ingeniously crafted clockwork heart. But the time she was given won’t last forever... more

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  • Into the Hourglass (The Evermore Chronicles #2)

    Into the Hourglass (The Evermore Chronicles #2)

    Emily R. King

    · 8 ratings · published 2019

    In the second book in The Evermore Chronicles by Emily R. King, Everley Donovan plunges into the roiling waves of a strange new world to hunt a wicked prince who cheated time. Everley Donovan’s mission: retrieve the hallowed sword of Avelyn stolen by the wicked Prince Killian, who slayed her family and left her for dead. Should she fail, the seven worlds will come to an end, as could time itself. And no one treasures time more than Everley, whose lifesaving clock heart cannot beat forever... more

  • Everafter Song (The Evermore Chronicles #3)

    Everafter Song (The Evermore Chronicles #3)

    Emily R. King

    · 10 ratings · published 2019

    There’s a price on Everley Donovan’s head. Fleeing from the queen’s false accusation of murder and sorcery, the girl with the clock heart knows there’s only one way to prove her innocence. Everley must catch Killian Markham, the fugitive prince guilty of the crimes for which she’s been condemned. To do that, Everley must follow him into the towering realm of the Silver-Clouded Plain... more

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