Hellhound Champions Series by Casey Drake, Macy Blake

4.33 · 40 ratings
  • Hell on Earth (Hellhound Champions #1)

    Hell on Earth (Hellhound Champions #1)

    Macy Blake

    · 12 ratings · published 2018

    Protector. Boogeyman. Hellhound. Meshaq has been called it all. As alpha of the hellhounds, his goddess has tasked him with protecting the secrets of the supernatural world. He’s the police of other creatures and the enforcer of the goddess’s rules. If his duty leaves him lonely and longing for a mate and a larger pack, well, the goddess knows the secrets of his heart and she will grant them if it is her will. Drew Metcalf is a man on the run... more

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  • Hell to Pay (Hellhound Champions #2)

    Hell to Pay (Hellhound Champions #2)

    Macy Blake

    · 12 ratings · published 2019

    Alternate Cover As a hellhound beta, Solomon has no complaints. Life is fine. His pack and his goddess-given duties as a protector of the human realm are enough. So what if he’s a little bored and a smidge lonely? Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. When his alpha’s mate suggests he pull his head out of his ass where one of their human pack mates is concerned, Sol cooks up a scheme to break through the wall between him and Cody, but it comes at the worst possible time... more

  • Give Him Hell (Hellhound Champions #3)

    Give Him Hell (Hellhound Champions #3)

    Casey Drake, Macy Blake

    · 8 ratings · published 2019

    Nick Smith is a man with a mission: find the place where he’d been held captive as a child and discover what happened to the kids he left behind. His memories are in flux, returned to him after being blocked for the past fourteen years, along with his ability to shift into his lion form. Nick is ready for answers. Instead, he finds a huge Viking of a man with flaming eyes and more power than Nick knew existed. As a hellhound, Jedrek is often sent on missions that lead to nothing... more

  • Hell Breaks Loose (Hellhound Champions #4)

    Hell Breaks Loose (Hellhound Champions #4)

    Macy Blake

    · 8 ratings · published 2021

    Safe to say Achim’s life wasn’t going as planned.First, his mission for the fire goddess ended up with him—a hellhound who’d never actually been to hell—being sent precisely there. Worse, he found himself stuck in the strange hellscape with Ozias, a guy who’s a) hotter than the fire of both suns in the hell-realm, b) really, really likable, despite his arrogance, and c) oh yeah, the actual prince of hell... more

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