Tangled Web Series by Aleatha Romig

4.19 · 38 ratings
  • Twisted (Tangled Web #1)

    Twisted (Tangled Web #1)

    Aleatha Romig

    · 14 ratings · published 2019

    The underworld of Chicago is far from forgiving. It’s a world where knowledge means power, power money, and money everything. While I paid the ultimate price to have it all, it wasn’t my decision to give my life.. That doesn’t mean I ceased to exist, only to live. Going where the job takes me and living in the shadows, with deadly accuracy I utilize the skills inherent to me, not knowing from where they came, not recalling what I’d lost. And then I saw her. Laurel Carlson... more

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  • Obsessed (Tangled Web #2)

    Obsessed (Tangled Web #2)

    Aleatha Romig

    · 11 ratings · published 2019

    Everything changed the night our eyes met across the room. His green gaze upon me prickled my skin with uncustomary warmth while my peek beneath his cuff—of a riot of color on his wrist—sparked my insatiable curiosity. Tall and mysterious, Kader was a man whose secrets I longed to know. Little did I realize that the night we met was only the beginning—the beginning to the end of the existence I knew... more

  • Bound (Tangled Web #3)

    Bound (Tangled Web #3)

    Aleatha Romig

    · 13 ratings · published 2019

    With more revealed, what does that mean for the future? From New York Times bestselling author Aleatha Romig comes a brand-new dark romance trilogy bringing us back to the same dangerous underworld as WEB OF SIN. You do not need to read the Web of Sin trilogy to get caught in this new and intriguing saga, Tangled Web. BOUND is book three, the final book of the TANGLED WEB trilogy which began with TWISTED and OBSESSED is concluding with BOUND. Have you been Aleatha’d?

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