Verona Bay Series by Katie Reus

4.38 · 13 ratings
  • Dark Memento (Verona Bay #1)

    Dark Memento (Verona Bay #1)

    Katie Reus

    · 7 ratings · published 2019

    Welcome to Verona Bay, a small coastal town where the secrets just won’t stay buried—and people aren’t always who they seem. She was the one that got away… Eight years ago Serenity Washington watched as her twin sister was murdered. She was lucky to escape the same grisly fate. With her sister’s killer in jail, she relocated and tried to move on with her life... more

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  • Deadly Past (Verona Bay #2)

    Deadly Past (Verona Bay #2)

    Katie Reus

    · 6 ratings · published 2020

    She lost everything once…Autumn Perez was just twenty-two when she witnessed a brutal murder and gave up her entire life to put the killer behind bars. A decade later, witness protection has her settled in picturesque Verona Bay, teaching art at the local high school. It’s a quiet life…until she’s caught up in another harrowing event and she worries that the US Marshals will try to move her again. But Autumn is done running—she’s built a life, has friends... more

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