Kingsley Academy Series by Lisa Helen Gray

4.03 · 20 ratings
  • Wrong Crowd (Kingsley Academy #1)

    Wrong Crowd (Kingsley Academy #1)

    Lisa Helen Gray

    · 9 ratings · published 2019

    My entire world was turned upside down the day my mum died. I feared what my life would become when an aunt I never knew about came swooping in and threw me into the unknown. She was rich. I couldn’t even afford a pack of gum. We were complete opposites, yet I wanted a fresh start in life, and she was promising to give me that. I just had to live with her for a year, until I graduated college. However, from the very first day it became clear that I was completely out of my depth... more

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  • Crowd of Lies (Kingsley Academy #2)

    Crowd of Lies (Kingsley Academy #2)

    Lisa Helen Gray

    · 11 ratings · published 2019

    Not all love stories end with a happily ever after. Life isn’t hearts and roses. It’s permeated with lies, deceit and corruption. My story started with a father too enamoured by the power wealth gave him. A father in a constant pursuit for supremacy. There began the treacherous tale of how I came to meet Ivy Monroe, the daughter of the woman I’d sworn to destroy. I hated her before I met her, wanted to shred the ground she walked on and make her wish she had never been born... more

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