Dare Series by Shantel Tessier, Tracie Douglas

4.08 · 55 ratings
  • I Dare You (Dare #1)

    I Dare You (Dare #1)

    Shantel Tessier

    · 19 ratings · published 2018

    What do you do when the devil has you in his sights? You show him that you can play his game. Austin Lowes is new to town. She's running from a mom who hates her to her dad who cares nothing about her. Only a few months and she will be free, or at least, that's what she hopes ... until she meets him. Cole Reynolds is the devil disguised as a man. He wants her fear, he wants her blood, and he wants her soul. Just a little game, he says, I dare you... more

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  • I Promise You (Dare #2)

    I Promise You (Dare #2)

    Shantel Tessier

    · 17 ratings · published 2019

    It was supposed to be a game. I Dare You. We bought her in 'cause I wanted to play with her. Destroy her. But plans change and she got caught in the cross fire. Then I did something far worse. I fell in love with her, but she doesn't know I still have secrets. Ones that could rip us all apart. We're sharks. Raised to hunt and kill. We take what we want without asking. We've never needed permission before, so I'm not about to start now... more

  • If You Dare (Dare #3)

    If You Dare (Dare #3)

    Shantel Tessier

    · 19 ratings · published 2019

    The game was over. The dares were getting old, and the secrets were piling up faster than the bodies.But someone had other plans. They wanted to play a new game.Becky Holt was the love of his life until he found out what she was hiding. Now he wants to seek his revenge in the most daring way.Deke Biggs has always been a shark. He's not afraid to kill, and he's about to become her worst nightmare.But there's a new player, and she plans on taking everything, no matter what the cost... more

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