The Swamp Series by Rebecca Royce

4.38 · 8 ratings
  • Hidden (The Swamp #1)

    Hidden (The Swamp #1)

    Rebecca Royce

    · 4 ratings · published 2019

    Lost, groggy, and utterly devastated, MacKenzie Harper woke in the back of a truck with a kind man giving her a ride to safety. Her memory fuzzy, her senses on high alert, and her world teetering precariously on chaos, she has no idea who to trust but her nose says she can trust him. When her savior delivers her to Ranier, Preston, Jarret, and Anton Lejeune, Kenzie recognizes them as the sons of the most famous werewolf family in Louisiana... more

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  • Pursued (The Swamp #2)

    Pursued (The Swamp #2)

    Rebecca Royce

    · 2 ratings · published 2019

    Alone, devastated, and on the run, McKenzie Harper is crossing the country with her brother, the only ally left to her after losing not only her mates but their entire family to some mad corporate scheme. When those same corporations send her mates after her, she will have to fight to save them before they slaughter her, or worse, capture her. With her mating marks gone and her dreams haunted, the only Omega is doing the last thing left to her—saving every wolf she can before she too, falls... more

  • Caught: A Paranormal Romance (The Swamp #3)

    Caught: A Paranormal Romance (The Swamp #3)

    Rebecca Royce

    · 2 ratings · published 2020

    MacKenzie Harper did the impossible. She recovered her stolen mates and a host of wolves, taken, tortured, and turned by the mad Loup haunting them all. But in saving her mates and all the other wolves, she falls. As the last Omega, her loss would devastate more than just her mates.Ranier, Preston, Jarret and Anton will move heaven and earth to save their mate. It’s been a long time since the brothers were allowed to live as wolves... more

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