Players Series by Jaine Diamond

4.58 · 41 ratings
  • Hot Mess: A Players Rockstar Romance (Players #1)

    Hot Mess: A Players Rockstar Romance (Players #1)

    Jaine Diamond

    · 10 ratings · published 2019

    Fate. Destiny. Karma… She’s mine. It all started with a broken heart.And a breakup party.Rock stars. Circus freaks. And a bachelorette party.Too. Much. Booze.An embarrassing tattoo.And a twist of fate. Her name was Danny. I thought she was The One.But then I lost her.And I never thought I’d see her again.Now… I’m a mess.I’ve had my heart broken—more than once.And my band's broken up.I’ve sworn to myself that I’ll never fall in love again.Time to focus on new music and my new band... more

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  • Filthy Beautiful (Players #2)

    Filthy Beautiful (Players #2)

    Jaine Diamond

    · 9 ratings · published 2019

    It’s forbidden... but that just makes it hotter. Courteney Clarke is the kind of girl who rock stars like me write songs about. She’s beautiful, but she's totally off-limits. Because she’s my best friend’s little sister. Now she tells me she’s a virgin—and she wants me to be her first. But she’s just f*cking with me. I know she is. She just hates me that much. She knows her brother would freak if I touched her... more

  • Sweet Temptation: A Players Rockstar Romance (Players #3)

    Sweet Temptation: A Players Rockstar Romance (Players #3)

    Jaine Diamond

    · 12 ratings · published 2020

    Bodyguards don’t fall in love.This job comes with benefits.I knew that from the moment I laid eyes on her.Summer Sorensen, party queen. Super-hot DJ and soon-to-be-rockstar. She’s sexy, sassy, strong… But she’s in danger.I know she doesn’t want to hire me.She doesn’t want to need me, but she does.And this job is getting more complicated by the hour.Damsel in distress? Yeah, right.Try ball breaker. Seductress.Temptation.I never mess around with my clients.But I’ve never been so tempted before... more

  • Lovely Madness: A Players Rockstar Romance (Players #4)

    Lovely Madness: A Players Rockstar Romance (Players #4)

    Jaine Diamond

    · 10 ratings · published 2020

    A heart-wrenching, tortured hero romance, featuring a broken man in need of redemption and the lively heroine who sees through the madness to the man worth saving.He was lost when I found him…Everyone says that Cary Clarke, former rock star and reclusive music producer, is crazy.That he fell apart after the death of his best friend.That he shut everyone out and locked himself away.That nothing matters to him anymore but music.Maybe they’re right.I don’t even know why he let me in... more

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