When Rivals Play Series by B.B. Reid

4.33 · 45 ratings
  • The Moth and the Flame (When Rivals Play #2)

    The Moth and the Flame (When Rivals Play #2)

    B.B. Reid

    · 20 ratings · published 2019

    They're the best of friends or the worst of friends. Neither one is letting go.THE FLAMEHere lies Louchana Valentine. She was a homeless, orphaned virgin.I never cared what my gravestone would say until I landed in deep with a powerful gangster. Lucky for me, my best friend happens to be ruthless too. I should feel guilty that he's forced to turn on the man who's been a father to him. Except I've always known that Wren's soul wasn't as black as he claimed.He was good.He was beautiful... more

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  • Evermore: A When Rivals Play Novella (When Rivals Play #2.5)

    Evermore: A When Rivals Play Novella (When Rivals Play #2.5)

    B.B. Reid

    · 9 ratings · published 2019

    Grab your dancing shoes and put on your prettiest dress. It's prom season in Blackwood Keep and forever can't wait any longer! Four Archer was the toughest girl around. Just ask anyone. She’s the street racing daredevil who brought the King of Brynwood Academy to his knees. But watching her boyfriend fawn over his childhood playmate—even though it was just an act—would be her toughest challenge yet. When jealousy rears its ugly head, Four questions if she can handle playing the sideline... more

  • The Prince and the Pawn (When Rivals Play #4)

    The Prince and the Pawn (When Rivals Play #4)

    B.B. Reid

    · 16 ratings · published 2020

    The epic finale of When Rivals Play. A coming-of-age tale of loss, love, and redemption. They were wrong for each other from the start. The jock and the nerd, what a cliché they made. He was the town prince, and she was a nobody. Tyra Bradley was invisible.That is until she told him he needed some manners, and so began their game of cat and mouse. She ran, he chased. It was perfect. Except Vaughn Rees has a deep, dark secret... more

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