Magic Awakened Series by Sadie Moss

4.15 · 31 ratings
  • Bound by Magic (Magic Awakened #1)

    Bound by Magic (Magic Awakened #1)

    Sadie Moss

    · 13 ratings · published 2018

    Magic I never wanted. Power I can’t control. And four alluring men who are the key to it all.Ever since the Great Death killed two thirds of the magical population, the magically Gifted have used their powers to oppress the Blighted—anyone without magic. Surviving as one of the Blighted in a city like Denver means I have to be quicker, smarter, and fiercer than the magical beings that rule the city... more

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  • Game of Lies (Magic Awakened #2)

    Game of Lies (Magic Awakened #2)

    Sadie Moss

    · 10 ratings · published 2018

    In a world built on secrets, who can you trust? ‍I have my assignment: infiltrate the Gifted government and find a way to undermine their power. ‍Should be easy, right? But my magic is going haywire again, the bond to my four is straining, and I don’t know how to play the role I’ve been given. ‍On top of that, I’m starting to realize there’s even more danger here than meets the eye. Someone in the Capital isn’t playing by the rules... ‍Which leaves just one question... more

  • Consort of Rebels (Magic Awakened #3)

    Consort of Rebels (Magic Awakened #3)

    Sadie Moss

    · 8 ratings · published 2018

    She’s an unwilling icon of freedom, loved by four rebel warriors. And the fate of humanity rests on their shoulders. The world I thought I knew was a lie.Rocked by betrayal, injured, and imprisoned by an enemy I didn’t know I had, I’ll do whatever it takes to get back to my four.I have to.Because there’s an all-out war brewing for the future of humanity, and without them at my side, I won’t stand a chance of winning the battle... more

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