Trinity Academy Series by Michelle Heard

4.16 · 48 ratings
  • Falcon (Trinity Academy #1)

    Falcon (Trinity Academy #1)

    Michelle Heard

    · 16 ratings · published 2019

    Wealth and power make them untouchable.The monarchs of Trinity Academy. Falcon Reyes. With a sharp, intelligent look, he reeks of arrogance wrapped in an icy layer of indifference. A life of luxury has left him with the notion that everything is attainable.Power. Wealth. Status. He's a god and I a mere mortal.He's Jupiter, and I am Mercury.There's so much power in this man.He has the kind of influence most people can't even begin to imagine.And me.. more

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  • Mason (Trinity Academy #2)

    Mason (Trinity Academy #2)

    Michelle Heard

    · 12 ratings · published 2019

    "You’re my assistant." The magic words every girl at Trinity Academy is dying to hear. But I’m the one who gets stuck with Mason Chargill, the star of most women’s fantasies but my nightmare. One of the heirs to CRC Holdings, he might be dangerously gorgeous, but his cold and callous demeanor makes him an ice prince. He expects me to abide by the Academy’s hierarchy, to be at his constant beck and call. Yeah, right… hell will freeze over before that ever happens... more

  • Lake (Trinity Academy #3)

    Lake (Trinity Academy #3)

    Michelle Heard

    · 12 ratings · published 2019

    His eyes have the power to undo all the hurt caused by my family."Don't let them see you cry."After months of refusing, I finally agree to move to America, where my fiancé's waiting for me.Just like my mother, an arranged marriage lies in my near future.Just like my mother, I'm probably going to be shoved aside in a couple of years after providing the Cutler family with an heir.Being a Korean girl from a culture that's very different from the west, it makes me stand out like a sore thumb... more

  • The Epilogue (Trinity Academy #5)

    The Epilogue (Trinity Academy #5)

    Michelle Heard

    · 8 ratings · published 2020

    Wealth and power make them untouchable.The monarchs of Trinity Academy.Falcon Reyes.Mason Chargill.Lake Cutler.Julian Reyes.The epilogue to the bestselling Trinity Academy series.Note: All books have to be read in order.

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