Underestimated Series by Candice M. Wright

4.53 · 48 ratings
  • The Queen of Carnage (Underestimated #1)

    The Queen of Carnage (Underestimated #1)

    Candice M. Wright

    · 8 ratings · published 2019

    The Kings of Carnage clubhouse is no place for a good girl, but I’m not the good girl they envision. After getting tangled up in Carnage business, it isn’t long before I'm tangled up in their sheets. All they see is my blonde hair and sweet smile and they want to dirty me up a little. I'm a splash of pink within the leather-clad army, standing out like a tampon in a condom factory. But it’s not my fault they underestimated me... more

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  • The Princess of Chaos (Underestimated #2)

    The Princess of Chaos (Underestimated #2)

    Candice M. Wright

    · 17 ratings · published 2020

    Once upon a time there was a princess... But that’s where this fairytale ends My castle was a compound, My subjects - a bunch of rowdy bikers And the villain of this tale was my father, the king. When a brutal attack leaves me no choice but to flee, I find myself cast out and alone... more

  • The Reign Of Kings (Underestimated #3)

    The Reign Of Kings (Underestimated #3)

    Candice M. Wright

    · 14 ratings · published 2020

    Raised by a family of cops who see the world in black and white,I grew up with a defiant streak a mile long,And an immunity to gun-toting alpha males.That is until I find myself at the Carnage clubhouse,At the mercy of their Kings.Now my black and white world is a dirty shade of gray,And my immunity to alpha males has disappeared along with my underwear... more

  • The Crown of Fools: An Underestimated Novel Book 5 (Underestimated #5)

    The Crown of Fools: An Underestimated Novel Book 5 (Underestimated #5)

    Candice M. Wright

    · 9 ratings · published 2021

    The fates hadn’t always been kind to Sunshine...Abandoned as a baby with nothing more than a blanket and a nameKatia ‘Sunshine’ Jones knows what it feels like to be alone.With her childhood spent navigating the foster system,She finally finds a home in the arms of a boy who becomes her entire world.But six years later, a devastating tragedy rips her fairy tale to shreds,And plunges Sunshine’s life into darkness.Falling in love had been easy... more

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