Court of the Sea Fae Series by C.N. Crawford

3.77 · 75 ratings
  • Dark King (Court of the Sea Fae #1)

    Dark King (Court of the Sea Fae #1)

    C.N. Crawford

    Rated: 3.59 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 1 of 5
    · 34 ratings · published 2019

    A snarky fae, a sexy king, and forbidden desire deep as the sea. Once, I was a fae princess with sea-magic at my fingertips. Now? I’m a hunted supernatural in a squalid shop, stripped of my power. My only comforts are stale cookies, Elvis records, and my hula-hoop. Until a lethally sexy fae king arrives and rips even those away. 
 After the brutal king throws me in prison, I strike a bargain with him: my freedom in exchange for helping him find a magic blade... more

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  • Fallen King (Court of the Sea Fae #2)

    Fallen King (Court of the Sea Fae #2)

    C.N. Crawford

    Rated: 4.01 of 5 stars
    · 18 ratings · published 2019

    Aenor's adventures continue... Life in a fae castle should be pretty sweet. Except, my lover wants to take my magic from me, and I made a deal with the devil. Literally. Salem is the light-bringer, gorgeous as sin and just as evil. Some call him Lucifer. What do I call him? Whatever he tells me to, because he’s cast a mind-control spell over me. He hates me, but I have a plan. I'll lead him to a sorcerer who can kill him... more

  • Rising Queen (Court of the Sea Fae #3)

    Rising Queen (Court of the Sea Fae #3)

    C.N. Crawford

    Rated: 3.86 of 5 stars
    · 23 ratings · published 2020

    My mate lies in a rotting cage at the bottom of the sea, and I'll do anything to get him back. Maybe he's the devil himself, but he made the ultimate sacrifice for me. When my plan backfires, I'm left with a lethal hex surging in my veins. Now, I only have a few days to live. And Salem? He's wrestling with a dark curse of his own, one that he says makes him burn.. He keeps saying this ends with one of us dead, that our story is a tragedy... more

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