Green Valley Library Series by L.B. Dunbar

3.91 · 22 ratings
  • Love in Due Time (Green Valley Library #1)

    Love in Due Time (Green Valley Library #1)

    L.B. Dunbar

    · 12 ratings · published 2019

    Naomi Winters will be forty—soon-ish—and she’s only been with one man. One night. One time. Long ago. She believes everything happens for a reason, and the universe spoke about Nathan Ryder. Nathan Ryder isn’t the same man who hightailed his bike out of Green Valley eighteen years ago. As a rule breaker, women are one area he acts a fool. Case in point…the local librarian. He can’t get a read on her, but she’s one risk he’s willing to take. Again... more

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  • Love in Deed (Green Valley Library #6)

    Love in Deed (Green Valley Library #6)

    L.B. Dunbar

    · 10 ratings · published 2020

    Sometimes it takes an outsider to force us to see who we are. The real struggle is accepting what we learn.For Beverly Townsen, nothing could be closer to the truth. Virtually a shut-in, Beverly has pulled back from Green Valley’s community, preferring the isolation of her farmhouse and her daily routine of viewing home improvement television shows... more

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