Widow's Island Series by Kendra Elliot

4.25 · 48 ratings
  • Bred in the Bone (Widow's Island #4)

    Bred in the Bone (Widow's Island #4)

    Kendra Elliot

    · 14 ratings · published 2019

    In the fourth Widow’s Island novella by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Kendra Elliot, the truth of a twenty-year disappearance will finally come to light. When the town drunk ends up dead in a hit-and-run, FBI special agent Cate Wilde expects that solving the case will be cut and dried. But evidence quickly surfaces that the victim was involved with another crime. A crime that has gone cold for twenty years. A crime of personal importance to Cate... more

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  • Below the Bones (Widow's Island #5)

    Below the Bones (Widow's Island #5)

    Kendra Elliot

    · 18 ratings · published 2020

    A former FBI special agent must come out of retirement to solve a murder in the fifth novella in the Widow’s Island series from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Kendra Elliot.Former FBI special agent Cate Wilde is a new bakery and bookstore owner—and retirement is now complete with a doctor boyfriend. Although she struggles with PTSD, the sweet life she’s living is a far cry from the gruesome work she left behind six months ago... more

  • The Lost Bones (Widow's Island #8)

    The Lost Bones (Widow's Island #8)

    Kendra Elliot

    · 16 ratings · published 2021

    From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Kendra Elliot comes the story of a former FBI agent who tackles an unsolved kidnapping in the eighth installment of the Widow’s Island Novella series.When former FBI agent Cate Wilde moves back to Widow’s Island, she envisions a simpler life than the one she had in law enforcement. But Cate’s past has a habit of catching up with her. When she receives a mysterious package containing a child’s mandible, she finds herself thrust back into action... more

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