Carolina Reapers Series by Samantha Whiskey

4.16 · 157 ratings
  • Axel (Carolina Reapers #1)

    Axel (Carolina Reapers #1)

    Samantha Whiskey

    Rated: 3.86 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 4 of 5
    · 32 ratings · published 2019

    The NHL’s been at my door since I was 18. But I’d never leave the Swedish Hockey League— Not while raising my little brother. But now he’s grown and the Carolina Reapers show up with my greatest weakness: Langley Pierce, their new head of PR. I’ve never been able to say no to her. She’s fierce, independent, and the sexiest woman I’ve ever met. She also has a stubborn streak wider than my entire country... more

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  • Sawyer (Carolina Reapers #2)

    Sawyer (Carolina Reapers #2)

    Samantha Whiskey

    Rated: 4.06 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 4 of 5
    · 13 ratings · published 2019

    I never thought I’d achieve my dream of playing for the NHL— Not while I’m my mom’s sole caretaker. But the Carolina Reapers offer me a deal I can’t refuse: A spot on their roster and top-rated support for my mom’s battle with Parkinson’s. Balancing an NHL schedule and my mother’s care fills every minute of my day, But one glance at Scythe’s bartender, and I’m looking for ways to make time. Echo Hayes is my exact opposite: she’s wild—I’m reserved. She’s fearless—I’m careful... more

  • Connell (Carolina Reapers #3)

    Connell (Carolina Reapers #3)

    Samantha Whiskey

    Rated: 4.24 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 4 of 5
    · 13 ratings · published 2019

    I’m famous for two things—being one of the best defensemen in the NHL and my classic pranks. My teammates always said one of my jokes would bite me in my Scottish arse one day, and they were right. After a prank goes wrong, I’m sentenced to six weeks community service under none other than the sexy, rule-abiding, smart-mouthed city clerk of Sweet Water—Annabelle Clarke. Lucky for me it’s offseason. Unlucky for me? I want Annabelle like I want my next breath... more

  • Logan (Carolina Reapers #4)

    Logan (Carolina Reapers #4)

    Samantha Whiskey

    Rated: 4.32 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 4 of 5
    · 19 ratings · published 2019

    As the best offensive defenseman in the NHL, you’d think my skills would get more notice than my face. Ridiculous, but I’ve been dubbed the “pretty boy” since rookie year. Pair the looks with my multi-million-dollar career, and it’s a recipe to get used. I’ve been burned before, and it’s never happening again. Then I meet Delaney Collins—Charleston’s impossibly sexy librarian. She’s brilliant, funny, and the chemistry between us crackles every time we touch... more

  • Cannon (Carolina Reapers #5)

    Cannon (Carolina Reapers #5)

    Samantha Whiskey

    Rated: 4.26 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 4 of 5
    · 44 ratings · published 2020

    I’m the fastest and most feared skater in the NHL. With a temper like mine, I can’t afford to make mistakes. But one insane night in Vegas, and I wake up married to the biggest mistake of all: Persephone VanDoren—the head of our team’s charitable foundation. Sure, the petite blonde is sweet enough to give the entire state of South Carolina a toothache, but I’ve never been one for the debutantes... more

  • Sterling (Carolina Reapers #6)

    Sterling (Carolina Reapers #6)

    Samantha Whiskey

    Rated: 4.19 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 4 of 5
    · 19 ratings · published 2020

    It’s my first day back with the Carolina Reapers and the elevator just stopped.At least I’m in here with the girl of my dreams.London Foster is smart, sexy, and everything I’ve ever wanted—Until the elevator doors finally open and she runs right into my biological brother’s arms.Maxim is everything I hate—the chosen son who wasn’t a dirty little secret.I grew up with a hardworking single mom.He had a perfect family with our NHL legend father... more

  • Maxim (Carolina Reapers #10)

    Maxim (Carolina Reapers #10)

    Samantha Whiskey

    Rated: 4.28 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 4 of 5
    · 17 ratings · published 2022

    The leading scorer on the Reapers has the unspeakable yips…and it’s me.The second my NHL legend of a father appears, I can’t shoot to save my life.And my mistakes might cost my team our playoff spot.No pre-game superstition can fix it—I’m broken.Adding to the pressure, my little sister’s best friend just became my roommate for the next five months.Evangeline Walsh. The curvy photographer with a heart of gold.She’s in my kitchen, baking treats as scrumptious as her body... more

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