Green Valley Library Series by Nora Everly

4.05 · 22 ratings
  • Crime and Periodicals (Green Valley Library #2)

    Crime and Periodicals (Green Valley Library #2)

    Nora Everly

    · 10 ratings · published 2019

    In Green Valley, Tennessee everybody knows everybody, but nobody knows Sabrina Logan. Sabrina has been hiding in plain sight for years. Living her life inside of books, dutifully helping her family, and hoping no one will notice her. So far? Mission accomplished! Yet when sexy—and distrustful—sheriff, Wyatt Monroe returns to town with his daughters, he definitely notices the quiet librarian everyone else overlooks. The single dad can’t seem to shake thoughts of shy Sabrina... more

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  • Carpentry and Cocktails (Green Valley Library #5)

    Carpentry and Cocktails (Green Valley Library #5)

    Nora Everly

    · 12 ratings · published 2020

    Everett Monroe can’t keep his eyes off his gorgeous tenant. He’d like to put his hands on her too, but she’s prickly, closed-off, and gives new meaning to the word disgruntled. In other words, she’s his perfect match and he’ll do anything to make her see it too.Willa Hill has finally left her teen runaway past behind and wants a fresh start—alone. Men are nothing but trouble and she’s had enough man-trouble to last a lifetime. Too bad her irresistibly sexy, nerdy-hot landlord doesn’t agree... more

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