The Gift Series by Lauren Blakely

4.04 · 43 ratings
  • The Engagement Gift (The Gift #1)

    The Engagement Gift (The Gift #1)

    Lauren Blakely

    · 13 ratings · published 2019

    Some fantasies are better left unsaid. Besides, I don’t need to act on my dirty dreams, not when my fiancé and I have the kind of after dark adventures others dream of — wild, daring and oh so frequent. I can’t risk losing him by voicing my deepest, dirtiest desire. But the hotter our role playing gets, the closer I come to telling him what I want most — him and his best friend at the same time... more

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  • The Virgin Gift (The Gift #2)

    The Virgin Gift (The Gift #2)

    Lauren Blakely

    · 18 ratings · published 2019

    I might be a virgin, but I know what I want in bed. It's just that I haven't found him yet. 
So I’m stunned when charming, laid-back Adam volunteers to work through my sexual wish list. That’s when I discover the voracious, filthy-mouthed, after-dark alpha in him, my next door neighbor. And I’m enthralled -- in and out of the bedroom. 
 Every night we explore my fantasies, and every morning I try harder not to want more from him. Because there’s no item on my list about falling for the guy... more

  • The Decadent Gift (The Gift #3)

    The Decadent Gift (The Gift #3)

    Lauren Blakely

    · 12 ratings · published 2020

    The rules of the game were simple. One weekend. We play our roles. Actually, we play lots of roles. I get the info I need for a secret work project. We go back to how we were. That’s what I proposed to handsome, clever, commanding Jake. That’s what he said yes to — this decadent gift of a weekend that would get me out of trouble. But that’s not what happened when our nights together in Vegas ended . . .

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