Breaking the Rules Series by E.M. Lindsey

4.13 · 31 ratings
  • Renegades (Breaking the Rules #1)

    Renegades (Breaking the Rules #1)

    E.M. Lindsey

    · 12 ratings · published 2020

    Soren Green is a good man. An ex-MMA fighter, single father, and a lawyer helping to better the lives of LGBT teens. But his life isn’t as simple as it seems, and things get turned a little upside down when he stumbles on a troubled man on the side of the road, making his way through a snowstorm. Soren knows one of his biggest problems is his bleeding heart, but how can he turn away when he was once that man out in the cold? Kane Winters once had it easy... more

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  • Temptation (Breaking the Rules #02)

    Temptation (Breaking the Rules #02)

    E.M. Lindsey

    · 10 ratings · published 2020

    Colton Davidson knew what his life was supposed to be like. Sports after school, Church on Sundays, meet a nice girl someday, get married, have children. He knew that his attraction to the other boys was nothing more than God testing him. He knew that if he just kept to his faith, he’d overcome the temptation of sin. If only he were stronger… After being sent to a camp to fix boys like him, Colton knew his only chance for survival was to run... more

  • Forsaken (Breaking the Rules #3)

    Forsaken (Breaking the Rules #3)

    E.M. Lindsey

    · 9 ratings · published 2020

    Dr. Elliot Bethel isn’t an easy man to love. He’s not even an easy man to like. He does good work in Fairfield, even if he’s no one’s favorite veterinarian, but he doesn’t need to be popular to be effective. Elliot made his way into his career after a roadside bomb during his deployment changed the trajectory of his life, and though he returned Stateside with one less limb, that didn’t change his firm belief—animals are better than people... more

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