X-Clan Series by Lexi C. Foss

3.87 · 50 ratings
  • Andorra Sector (X-Clan #1)

    Andorra Sector (X-Clan #1)

    Lexi C. Foss

    · 30 ratings · published 2020

    Katriana Cardona My life ended the moment the X-Clan found me. Bitten. Turned. And claimed by him. My genetic markers label me as a rare omega. But inside, I'm all female alpha. And I will not heel. Not even to the Alpha of Andorra Sector. Ander Cain promises me protection. A new world of pleasure and pain. But he wants all of me in return. Even if it means taking me by force. I'll be damned if I give up my inner fight. I spent the last twenty years battling the walking dead... more

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  • The Experiment (X-Clan #1.5)

    The Experiment (X-Clan #1.5)

    Lexi C. Foss

    · 13 ratings · published 2020

    DacianaI'm an offering. A test. A pawn in an agreement I know little about.Fly to Andorra Sector.Allow them to experiment.Mate an X-Clan Wolf Alpha.Hope for the best.Those are my orders. My fate. My current existence. There's nowhere to run, and the moon is a clock I can't ignore. One of these Alphas will claim me, assuming our genetics are a match. And if not, well, that's a fate worse than death.Tick tock.Make a choice.Your future depends on it... more

  • Bariloche Sector (X-Clan #3)

    Bariloche Sector (X-Clan #3)

    Lexi C. Foss

    · 7 ratings · published 2021

    Life is a series of prisons. And in the end, there's only death. Kari Zamora My father enslaved me. Ruined me. Sold me. Left me to suffer.Until he rescued me.Alpha Sven Mickelson of Norse Sector claims to be my savior, to want me to live, and vows to protect me. But I know Alphas can't be trusted. All he wants is my mating bond. To own me. To make me his.No one cares what I want. But they will.Because I have a plan.One no one will see coming... more

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