Delta Team Two Series by Susan Stoker

4.58 · 24 ratings
  • Shielding Gillian (Delta Team Two #1)

    Shielding Gillian (Delta Team Two #1)

    Susan Stoker

    · 12 ratings · published 2020

    As an event planner, Gillian Romano’s an expert at rolling with the punches and solving unexpected problems. But her flight getting hijacked while returning from a job is definitely out of her skill set. Passengers are being murdered, and when she’s chosen by the terrorists to be their mouthpiece, even more innocent lives rest on Gillian’s shoulders... more

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  • Shielding Kinley (Delta Team Two #2)

    Shielding Kinley (Delta Team Two #2)

    Susan Stoker

    · 10 ratings · published 2020

    When Kinley Taylor witnesses what was possibly the last few minutes of a young girl’s life while in Paris, she realizes exactly how alone she is in the world. The only person she has to turn to for help is the one man who she feels is completely out of her league. Gage “Lefty” Haskins liked the personal assistant the first time he met her. And after spending an afternoon in Paris with her, he likes her even more... more

  • Shielding Aspen (Delta Team Two #3)

    Shielding Aspen (Delta Team Two #3)

    Susan Stoker

    · 1 ratings · published 2020

    When Aspen Mesmer asks a complete stranger to kiss her one night in a bar, she never expects to have an immediate connection with the man. Kane “Brain” Temple knows he isn't the kind of man women look at twice, but when Aspen did just that after their explosive impulsive kiss, he's thrilled. But even as things between them get serious, someone doesn’t want either to be happy, and is willing to do whatever it takes to break them apart... more

  • Shielding Riley (Delta Team Two #4)

    Shielding Riley (Delta Team Two #4)

    Susan Stoker

    · 1 ratings · published 2021

    Porter “Oz” Reed knew better than most how words could hurt just as much as a fist. He never planned on getting married or having kids, but all that changed when his nine-year-old nephew was dropped off on his doorstep. Riley Rogers is done with men. But her plan to stay single takes a hit when her tall, dark, and very handsome neighbor needs assistance with his nephew... more

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