Kincaid Pack Series by Kiki Clark

4.10 · 33 ratings
  • The Alpha and His King (Kincaid Pack #1)

    The Alpha and His King (Kincaid Pack #1)

    Kiki Clark

    · 15 ratings · published 2020

    When Kai flies out of a shed, swinging a rake, Rick’s life flips upside down. As alpha, Rick’s dedication to his pack has never wavered—until Kai. The pull he feels toward the younger man is more than a simple distraction, but Rick won’t let himself lose focus. Not while a hidden enemy is drawing near. Moving in with the grumpy alpha who saved him is a big change for Kai, and it isn’t long before he begins to ache for something he can’t have... more

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  • The Second and His Bonded (Kincaid Pack #2)

    The Second and His Bonded (Kincaid Pack #2)

    Kiki Clark

    · 10 ratings · published 2020

    As the son of an enemy, Kieran never expected to find a family with the Kincaid Pack... or a true mate’s bond.After barely escaping his abusive family, wolf shifter Kieran McAllister struggles to find his place in the Kincaid Pack. Especially with the pushy but gorgeous second-in-command showing up every time Kieran turns around… and making him want things he shouldn’t.The traumatized wolf who continuously refuses Bennett Young’s help has begun to haunt his dreams... more

  • The Hunter and His Mates (Kincaid Pack #4)

    The Hunter and His Mates (Kincaid Pack #4)

    Kiki Clark

    · 8 ratings · published 2021

    As personal assistant to a powerful alpha of a large pack, there are certain rules Jamie has for himself to make sure he’s successful at his job.First, nothing and no one gets to the alpha without his say so.Second, schedules will be enforced for everyone. At all costs.Third, a certain Enforcer with an enticing scent and scarred face is not to be stared at, drooled over, and/or daydreamed about... more

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