Becker Brothers Series by Kandi Steiner

4.21 · 45 ratings
  • On the Rocks (Becker Brothers #1)

    On the Rocks (Becker Brothers #1)

    Kandi Steiner

    · 18 ratings · published 2019

    Noah Becker is nothing but trouble. That’s what Mama told me when I was a kid, kicking his pew in church and giggling at the games we’d play. It’s what the town said when his father died and the Becker brothers went wild. And it’s on repeat in my mind the day I walk into the whiskey distillery where he works to buy a wedding gift for my fiancé. He’s trouble. Dirty, sweaty, rude trouble. No matter how many times I repeat it, I can’t escape Noah in our small Tennessee town... more

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  • Manhattan (Becker Brothers #3)

    Manhattan (Becker Brothers #3)

    Kandi Steiner

    · 15 ratings · published 2019

    Manhattan is a stand-alone, small town, country romance in the Becker Brothers Series. Kylie NelsonEveryone knows not to fall in love with your best friend.But when your best friend is Michael Becker, it’s impossible not to.He’s everything our town knows a Becker brother to be: devastatingly handsome, charming as a thief, and the icing on the cake — a sentimental musician who’s never without his guitar.And he was mine. At least, that’s what I’d convinced myself... more

  • Old Fashioned (Becker Brothers #4)

    Old Fashioned (Becker Brothers #4)

    Kandi Steiner

    · 12 ratings · published 2020

    The epic finale of the Becker Brothers series. Each book can be read as a stand-alone.It’s a man’s world.When I declared sports medicine as my major and every man narrowed their eyes, that saying proved true. It was true when my ex-husband decided I’d give up my career when our daughter was born. And again when I divorced the Chief of Police in our small town, and he made it painfully clear that I could leave him, but I would never be free... more

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