The Obsession Duet Series by J.L. Beck, C. Hallman

3.77 · 44 ratings
  • Cruel Obsession (The Obsession Duet #1)

    Cruel Obsession (The Obsession Duet #1)

    J.L. Beck, C. Hallman

    · 28 ratings · published 2020

    We were only kids when I made the vow to protect her. First from the monsters hiding under the bed and then the ones roaming the world freely. My obsession with Dove wasn’t normal, it toed the line on psychotic but my love for her overshadowed that. I’d killed, destroyed and hurt those that had done her wrong. I’d watched her for years wanting to claim her but refusing too. I was both her guardian angel and the demon lurking in the shadows. She was mine, even though she didn’t know it yet... more

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  • Deadly Obsession: A Mafia Romance (The Obsession Duet #2)

    Deadly Obsession: A Mafia Romance (The Obsession Duet #2)

    J.L. Beck, C. Hallman

    · 16 ratings · published 2020

    Kidnapped and taken, Zane will do anything to get Dove back. Even if it means making a deal with a devil bigger than himself. The final book in the Obsession Duet.

  • The Obsession Duet (The Obsession Duet #1-2)

    The Obsession Duet (The Obsession Duet #1-2)

    J.L. Beck

    · 0 ratings · published 2023

    This is the complete duet containing Cruel Obsession, and Deadly Obsession available in one since ebook for the first time ever. If you love dark romance, mafia romance, and enemies to lovers you'll love this twisted dark tale. ★★★★★ -"This book isn't for everyone, but it was like crack for me. One single page and I was addicted". -Native Hippes Book Obsession ★★★★★ -"This book is a must read. It is full of twists and turns. Tons of drama, and lots of mob action... more

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