Lovers' Lane Series by Summer Brooks

3.93 · 24 ratings
  • Stealing My Best Friend: A Friends to Lovers Romance (Lovers' Lane #1)

    Stealing My Best Friend: A Friends to Lovers Romance (Lovers' Lane #1)

    Summer Brooks

    · 14 ratings · published 2020

    A Friends to Lovers RomanceI was nine when I befriended him. Seventeen when I kissed him. And eighteen when I threw all dirty thoughts about him in the trash. Vincent Turner is my bad boy best friend. I’ve never said no to him. Even when he asked to copy my homework in high school. Even when he asked me to be his wing woman. I’ve seen his girlfriends come and leave. He’s brought me ice cream after my heartbreaks. And then it all goes to sh*t. His filthy rich parents find him a doll to marry... more

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  • Crushing on My Neighbor (Lovers' Lane #2)

    Crushing on My Neighbor (Lovers' Lane #2)

    Summer Brooks

    · 10 ratings · published 2020

    Calm down. I’m not a creep.I used to watch my hot neighbor through my bedroom window, but I knew he had feelings for me too.Jason Cox.The hottest race car driver to ever exist.Jason likes to win.Every.Single.Time.So when he heard of my engagement?It made him skip town faster than he takes those death-defying left turns.That engagement never turned into marriage.I broke it off.Only to have him not living next door to me anymore.I’ve called a million times.Cried a thousand tears... more

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