Fever Falls Series by Devon McCormack

4.01 · 29 ratings
  • #Burn (Fever Falls #2)

    #Burn (Fever Falls #2)

    Devon McCormack

    · 16 ratings · published 2019

    DAX:My job is putting out fires--PR fires, that is. Partner in one of the most prestigious PR firms in Hollywood, I've lived most of my life helping others stay in the spotlight but keeping as far away from it myself as humanly possible.Enter Jace Kruse.#HottieFirefighter is the hashtag everyone is using for the overnight Insta-star who made headlines when a pic of him with a pooch he saved from a runaway vehicle went viral... more

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  • #Royal (Fever Falls #4)

    #Royal (Fever Falls #4)

    Devon McCormack

    · 13 ratings · published 2019

    KEEGAN:Sightseeing, gay bars...and if I'm lucky, maybe a couple of random hookups. That's the extent of my plans when I sign up for a European vacay with my buddies. I've never heard of this Parlaisa country--but hey--a cheap flight and two-star hotel are perfect for a poor college kid, right? And the trip turns out to be even better than I could have possibly imagined when I end up in a bar with some sexy masked guy's tongue down my throat.And damn...what a tongue... more

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