Reborn Series by M. Sinclair

4.53 · 38 ratings
  • Soaring In Flames (Reborn #2)

    Soaring In Flames (Reborn #2)

    M. Sinclair

    · 18 ratings · published 2020

    My father is back from the dead.He won't leave town without me and no one can figure out why. Is it because of what I am? Does he want to use me as part of his religious cult? My mates are furious and I can't help but feel like I have brought this trouble on them. The supernatural community is upset by the light I've brought on them with the rightful murder of my mother and Jed. My classmates have been swayed by the cruel rumors that my bully has put out... more

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  • Realm Of Flames (Reborn #3)

    Realm Of Flames (Reborn #3)

    M. Sinclair

    · 12 ratings · published 2021

    We were leaving Earth and traveling to an entirely new realm… well, new for me. The Dreki realm. Before escaping Louisiana with my mother and meeting my mates, I’d lived trapped like a bird inside of a cage of Pastor Malcolm’s creation. I was free now. I was also starting to realize what that meant for myself, my mates, and my identity as a shifter. I may have had my wings cut, savagely severed by the hand fate dealt me, but I was becoming stronger and braver each day... more

  • Dying In Flames (Reborn #4)

    Dying In Flames (Reborn #4)

    M. Sinclair

    · 8 ratings · published 2021

    I could no longer run from my past.It had caught up to me, and I was now faced with the reality that Pastor Malcolm may not be my biggest problem. There was something far more terrifying waiting in the shadows that threatened everything and everyone in my life. Something that was setting my world ablaze in a flame that I may not survive. This is a slow/medium burn fantasy RH that features a naive but strong MFC with a troubled past and a secret about what she really is... more

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